Heath Wells


NuORDER by Lightspeed

HEATH WELLS is co-founder of NuORDER and current General Manager of Lightspeed B2B, working to revolutionize buying and selling between brands and retailers.  

Heath is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded an internet business at age 15 in Adelaide, Australia. He went on to serve as Managing Director at Furst Media in Australia from 2004–2008, where he and partner Olivia Skuza led the company to great success across publishing, creative, and digital commerce. 

Following a successful departure from Furst Media in 2008, Heath and Olivia moved to Los Angeles where they founded STATE OF TOMORROW, L.A.’s first and only fashion-focused marketing and digital agency at the time. While the agency produced award-winning campaigns and cutting-edge brand development, Heath spurred the innovation side, expanding the agency’s work on e-commerce sites into full backend CMS development. During this process, he witnessed a fashion wholesale model that was antiquated, and saw an opening to revolutionize the entire industry. This led Heath to begin developing NuORDER in 2011. 

Acquired by Lightspeed Commerce in 2021, NuORDER by Lightspeed is now a leading B2B platform powering commerce and discovery for the world's best brands and retailers. The platform includes virtual showroom technology, visual assortment and merchandising tools, and integrated payments solutions. Today, more than 3,000 brands and 500,000 retailers use NuORDER by Lightspeed to streamline the wholesale buying and selling process.