Cierra Valor

Co-Founder & CEO


Cierra Valor is the Co-Founder and CEO of IN BOLD PRINT. - a technology platform that helps consumer brands measure their carbon emissions and share their sustainability journey.

The idea for IN BOLD PRINT. came during the pandemic lockdown, when Cierra and her co-founder Ashley found out how hard it was for both consumers and brands to identify what makes a product truly sustainable. With a 10-year background in the data and analytics space, Cierra and Ashley set out to solve this problem and make sustain[ability] achievable for all.

Before starting IN BOLD PRINT., Cierra worked in various technology and product leadership roles that included running a retail analytics department and working with brands that ranged from e.l.f. to Metallica. In these roles, she led teams in developing the right technology systems and operational processes to drive strategic, data-driven decision-making.