Charles Gorra

Founder & CEO


Charles Gorra is the CEO and Founder of Rebag, a leading platform to buy and sell luxury handbags and accessories. Prior to starting Rebag, Charles spent some time at Rent the Runway, where he fell in love with collaborative consumption. Since then, he has been on a mission to make secondary behavior the standard for luxury goods. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked in the finance industry at Goldman Sachs and in private equity at TPG Capital. He earned an M.B.A from Harvard Business School in 2014 and a master’s in management from HEC-Paris in 2007.

Rebag launched in 2014 with the goal of becoming the expert in luxury handbags and largely succeeded. In 2020, Rebag expanded its business model, announcing its category expansion into accessories, watches and fine jewelry. In 2021, Rebag launched Clair AI. An extension of Clair, the company’s groundbreaking pricing tool that launched in October 2019, Clair AI is an image recognition technology that allows consumers to reveal the value of their luxury handbag in seconds. Users can install the Rebag app on their device, scan a handbag, and within seconds Rebag will identify the brand, model and style, and generate the price it's willing to pay instantaneously. It eliminates the guesswork and hesitation that comes with resale or making a luxury purchase. The tool recognizes over 15,000 existing Clair codes with 91% accuracy. It is backed by millions of image references and took over 6 years to create. Clair, and Clair AI, is a true industry first. 

Over the past 8 years, Rebag developed best-in-class expertise when it comes to luxury resale. Since launch, Charles and the Rebag team have worked to continue to develop Rebag’s model of offering simplicity, transparency, and immediacy, while working to serve resale customers across the full spectrum of their needs. This includes the category expansion into accessories, watches and fine jewelry and development of Clair and Clair AI technology, both of which enable further transparency in the resale market, expands the product life cycle, and creates more circularity. Despite the pandemic, Rebag was also able to secure $33M in Series E funding, bringing its total funding to $101M.