Beth Gerstein

Founder & CEO

Brilliant Earth

Beth Gerstein is the CEO of Brilliant Earth, a global leader of responsibly sourced fine jewelry. 

Her journey began when she experienced firsthand the challenge of finding a responsibly sourced engagement ring that reflected her values in sustainable practices and transparency. In her search, she quickly learned about the environmental and social injustices that flood the industry. Beth shared her frustrations with her then business school classmate Eric Grossberg who had already expressed his own similar interest in the industry. The two came to find that they shared a unique passion for driving change and disrupting the market creating something that brought meaning and ease to consumers.  

Together in 2005, they launched Brilliant Earth with the belief that consumers deserve transparent and responsible practices, beautiful, high-quality, and unique products, and a personalized shopping experience that brings joy into the jewelry buying process. What began as a partnership between two entrepreneurs has grown into a community of people who believe that beautifully designed jewelry can also be a powerful tool for change.

Before Brilliant Earth, Beth specialized in satellite communications and business development, and has worked for a number of corporations including Booz Allen & Hamilton. Beth holds a B.S. from Duke University, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. 

Further propelling her goal to foster a more socially responsible industry, Beth also serves on the board of directors for Diamonds Do Good, an international non-profit supporting education initiatives in diamond producing countries, Jewelers for Children, a US charitable organization dedicated to helping children in need, and Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA).