Innovative Commerce Technologies: 10 Startups to Check Out at Shoptalk

Feb 23, 2017 by Zia Daniell Wigder

We recently highlighted 16 startups with new consumer-facing business models and products that will be speaking at Shoptalk in Las Vegas on March 19-22. This week we showcase 10 startups on the agenda that are bringing exciting new technologies to market.

The startups below provide a wide range of solutions across the commerce spectrum, have secured varying levels of funding and are headquartered in different countries, but they’re all breaking new ground. These companies are innovating in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to robotics, IoT, sourcing and more. Here are 10 to watch:

  1. Clarifai. Clarifai is an artificial intelligence startup that uses sophisticated machine learning to classify images and videos. Its solution automatically tags all media to streamline organizing, managing and searching through content. Clarifai has raised $40 million in funding.
  2. Hubba. Hubba is one of the fastest-growing B2B networks connecting brands and retailers with a comprehensive data set of product information. Hubba is reported to have raised close to $45 million in 2016.
  3. Kwik. kwik offers an open platform that enables one-touch repeat purchases, allowing brands, retailers and service providers to sell directly to consumers. The platform interfaces with ordering systems, delivery networks and payment services. kwik has raised just over $3 million in funding.
  4. MindMeld. MindMeld offers an advanced AI platform powering a new generation of intelligent conversational interfaces. Companies use this platform to create voice and chat assistants that understand what users say and find the information they need. MindMeld has raised more than $15 million in funding.
  5. Oak Labs. Oak Labs creates new technologies for physical retailers. Its first product is a "smart fitting room" that offers an interactive touchscreen mirror. Oak Labs is backed with over $4 million in venture funding.
  6. Optoro. Optoro is a technology company that helps retailers and manufacturers manage the financial and environmental problems of reverse logistics. Its solution enables retailers to process, manage, and sell their returned and excess inventory. Optoro has raised $113 million in funding.
  7. Orbital Insight. Orbital Insight analyzes satellite images and other geospatial data sources. The company offers data to the retail industry, including store parking lot and traffic patterns that can change rapidly with the release of a new product line or sale. Orbital Insight has raised more than $28 million in funding.
  8. Shapeways. Shapeways is a 3D printing service, marketplace and community that enables users to create and discover 3D-printed products. Shapeways has raised $76 million in funding.
  9. Starship Technologies. Starship Technologies is a company launching small self-driving robotic delivery vehicles. These intelligent delivery bots are able to move efficiently among pedestrian traffic, give way and avoid obstacles; the bot's storage compartment can only be opened by the customer. Starship has raised $17 million in funding.
  10. Twiggle. Twiggle uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to bring the power of human understanding to ecommerce search. Twiggle has raised $20 million in funding.

The above list includes just 10 of the hundreds of innovative tech companies featured across the main Shoptalk agenda, Demo & Announcements track, Startup Pitch contest and Exhibition Hall. Come join us to see and hear more!