Announcing an All-New Shoptalk for 2020 & Introducing Shoptalk Original Content

Jun 16, 2019 by Shoptalk Team

It’s hard for us to believe we’re turning five. We introduced Shoptalk back in 2015 because no large-scale industry event had brought together all the key stakeholders in retail—from established brands and retailers to venture-backed startups, technology companies, investors, real estate developers and more. We led a new narrative during a time of unprecedented change, making us the fastest-growing event in retail history, growing to over 8,000 attendees in just 36 months.

While we’re widely known for raising the bar on industry events, we’re still very much a startup, constantly looking to reinvent ourselves and our products. It’s easy to coast once you’ve figured out a formula that works, but it’s impossible to be a catalyst for change if your formula remains the same year after year.

We’re therefore thrilled to announce an all-new Shoptalk for 2020. Below we outline two key areas that will change for Shoptalk 2020. 

1. Introducing Shoptalk Original Content

For the first time, Shoptalk 2020 will include a wide range of original content that will be highlighted both on and off the agenda. Shoptalk Original Content is being developed in-house by an expanded Shoptalk team to address a critical area where retail industry events consistently fall short: providing attendees with far-reaching industry data, detailed information and tangible insights that enable them to drive change in their organizations.

Delivered onsite by the Shoptalk team and supplementing Shoptalk’s renowned lineup of speakers, Shoptalk Original Content will include both strategic and tactical insights, and will cover an extensive lineup of topics. As part of this new content, we’re introducing a comprehensive annual report called The Retail Zeitgeist, which we believe will serve as the definitive industry guide to the transformation of retail over the next decade.

Our track sessions will also be jam-packed with Shoptalk Original Content. Shoptalk 2020 attendees will have the opportunity to attend any of the featured track sessions below to get a quantitative, visual or highly detailed look at how retail is changing. This new content will include topics such as:

  • A Visual Walkthrough of the Store of the Future 
  • How AI is Transforming Marketing 
  • Identifying and Selecting the Right Fulfillment Partners
  • Strategic Partnerships, Investments and Acquisitions in Retail
  • Outstanding Omnichannel Offerings
  • State of the Consumer: Trends Reshaping Retail 
  • Retailer Sophistication Index 
  • Technology Sophistication Index 
  • Deep Dive on Retail IPOs
  • The Disruption of Big Retail 
  • The Next Decade of Retail Transformation
  • Shopping Centers of the World
  • Exploring the Hubs of Retail Technology Innovation: Israel, China and India 

Coming out of the event, Shoptalk 2020 attendees will have access to the full set of research from these sessions. 

2. Learning Through Entirely New Agenda Formats

Our content in 2020 will also include new ways to be inspired and empowered. Just as retail is becoming more experiential, immersive and entertaining, so, too, must events. Some of our sessions will still use Panels, Presentations, Talk Shows or other traditional formats, but many others will incorporate one of the new formats below.

  • Immersive Visual Experiences: Original Shoptalk-commissioned video or animated content featuring curated tours of stores, shopping centers and retail technology deployments.
  • Interactive Audience Sessions: Highly interactive sessions featuring polling, Q&A and other approaches that help crowdsource audience insights, enable attendees to share their opinions and drive engagement with speakers.
  • Deep Dives and Case Studies: Sessions featuring presentations developed exclusively for Shoptalk that thoroughly examine a topic, including specific brand or retailer initiatives.
  • Analyst Perspectives: Original content delivered by top retail industry analysts that calls out best and worst practices and offers tactical advice to attendees.
  • Industry Frameworks: Frameworks created by industry experts that help attendees analyze and act on key industry trends, technologies and other developments.
  • Rapid-Fire Debates: Fast-paced sessions with up to four speakers that feature rapid responses and highlight the pros and cons of different trends and technologies.