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YourAnswer provides the ultimate mobile shopping experience for visitors to your website, by combining the power of voice, our Real Intelligence Engine, and a novel display and navigation system.

What is this new breakthrough technology?

Well to be clear, it is not search, it is not navigation and it goes well beyond Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, it's Real Intelligence. It's built around a new voice interface that allows users to ask for exactly what they want (literally like they are speaking in-store with a knowledgeable sales associate). Our advanced technology has a new display that allows users to efficiently touch, feel and interact with your products.

Unlike search engines, we don't match keywords. Unlike faceted navigation, we don't match boxes that have been ticked to indicate price, size or color. With our breakthrough Real Intelligence Engine, we process the shopper's voice request by understanding their meaning and intent, similar to a human sales associate. For example: when you say, "show me all your red dresses size 6 under $50", YourAnswer understands the color "red", that you want "dresses", in "size 6", and that the price must be "under $50". The results returned match exactly what you ask for, saving time and helping your shoppers make their way to the checkout faster and more efficiently.

YourAnswer goes well beyond providing the right products. It also responds to questions relating to the shopping experience, such as, shipping information, forms of payment accepted, return policies and contents in the cart.

Not only does YourAnswer provide you with an opportunity to extend your brand and its personality through an engaging, fun and interactive shopping experience, it also improves user satisfaction, conversion rates and basket size, resulting in more sales.

YourAnswer is so different and engaging you'll need to come to our booth to see the future of mobile eCommerce now.