Takeoff Technologies

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Takeoff offers a dynamic eGrocery solution that helps retailers achieve profitable online growth by leveraging hyperlocal automation. Shoppers place orders online with established retailers, either through their existing eCommerce platform, or one provided by Takeoff, and Takeoff's automated technology takes it from there. Robots fulfil the order inside a Microfulfilment Center ⁠— a micro warehouse that is compact enough to fit inside a store ⁠— and in a few minutes, the order is ready for pick-up or delivery. The bottom line: Takeoff lowers your assembly and last mile costs, increases your profitability, and offers superior shopper satisfaction. The company's robotics technology is proven and ready to deploy at scale thanks to Takeoff's exclusivity partnership with Knapp, a leading global provider of automated warehouse solutions.

The time is ripe for eGroceries!