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SureDone is a brand and enterprise focused multichannel e-commerce software platform. At its core, SureDone is a product management system that lists products and controls inventory across multiple e-commerce channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more. We also consolidate orders into a unified interface for logistics management and direct fulfillment with shipping label generation. Supporting millions of products and high order volumes, our scalable and secure platform lets you reach new buyer segments while reducing your time investment needed to manage new channels.

However, where SureDone really shines is in its connectivity, extensibility and automation.

SureDone can interface with thousands of off-the-shelf solutions as well as internal systems to bi-directionally sync product, inventory, order and tracking information. Whether it's direct to API, EDI or simple sharing via FTP, SureDone can minimize your need to redefine processes and connect your e-commerce channel data to your ERP and other systems you're familiar with.

Our Automation Engine connects to data sources such as distributors, partners or your existing channel to automate everything from inventory synchronization to order routing. It can make intelligent decisions and calculations to send the data to the right place, reducing the need to create manual spreadsheets and minimizing dependency on error prone processes. And for those that require integration with channels or marketplaces that are not widely supported, Automation Engine has you covered with enough flexibility to stand up new marketplace integrations.

Our entire platform is built on top of a documented, open and extensible API. Our customers commonly use this to develop their own interfaces for functions like product information management or logistics while still using the live data and other functionality of the SureDone platform. Furthermore, for platforms SureDone offers all it's functionality via white label with its Marketplace as a Service offering.

And finally, this all comes with personalized onboards, training and service to ensure a smooth and successful path that will result in access to new markets and increased sales with a minimal impact on operational investment.