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The Problem We are Solving

The biggest challenge for fashion and lifestyle brands and retailers globally is Demand Prediction.

With fashion and lifestyle industry being the second most carbon footprint industries in the world, this caused huge economic and sustainability impact. The biggest waste generated is due to ill-informed decision making in products. We took it on ourselves in 2016 to build the future of fashion and lifestyle prediction. We use proprietary AI models powered by computer vision combined with demand driven consumer pulse at internet scale to solve this unsolved problem impacting revenue, working capital and profit.


Key challenges/question we address through our solutions are,

What to create/design?

How much to buy?

Where to distribute?

How to create winning products?


We are trusted by:

We are trusted by Fortune 100 brands and retailers (in US) and also United Nations. Some of our select clients include Amazon, Myntra, Luxottica, New balance, Vero Moda, Jack Jones, Only, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans, FOSSIL, Fast Retailing (UniQlo), Titan and many others.


About the Team

Stylumia is built by world leading data scientists including World's first triple Kaggle Grandmaster, and fashion & lifestyle with proven experience AI & Fashion Lifestyle Myntra, Flipkart, Walmart, VF Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger etc. The Founder Ganesh Subramanian built the world's first AI driven fashion brand and a thought-leader in the industry.


Our Business Model

Stylumia solves the problems of Fashion Validation, Fashion Prediction and Fashion Generation through an AI driven B2B SaaS platform. 


Why Stylumia

Our data driven approach is based on consumer demand sensing at internet scale combined with client’s own data for context relevant validation, prediction and generation. 

We provide one of its kind consumer-driven demand sense for the product creators using data at internet scale through a proprietary demand-sense engine. This is Consumer research on steroids.

We have a crystal ball for the fashion & lifestyle  industry, by giving them the ability to rank and also quantity demand potential of an unseen product contextually relevant for a brand for a future season through a proprietary ensemble prediction model using image pixels and text. This enables pre season prediction of demand at product level and also localized distribution in-season.

We also enable brands to generate design ideas using GAN giving them an ability to generate product ideas with twice the probability of winning.


Business Impact/Outcome

We have proven results on the ground in improving key business metrics

  1. Full price sell through improvement by 20%
  2. Revenue Velocity Growth by30-40%
  3. Unwanted Inventory reduction by 30-40%


We are building the future of fashion and lifestyle prediction and the intelligence layer between your transactions systems like POS, ERP, OMS,LMS,PLM.

Join the movement of eliminating guesswork from fashion and lifestyle industry and make the world a better place for the generations to come.