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About the product

SmartPlan - a solution for retailers that creates effective and customer-attractive shelf layouts (planograms) for the off-line stores. A small retail chain of 200 convenience stores, with 5,000 items in the assortment in average, have to make 1,000,000 decisions about where and in what quantity to put each item in each store, for 200 supermarkets with 15,000 items in the assortment it's 3,000,000 decisions and for 200 hypermarkets with 25,000 items in the assortment it's 5,000,000 decisions.

It's absolutely impossible to do such amount of job without automation, and here SmartPlan comes. You can consider SmartPlan as an intelligent assistant to whom you are telling what rules your planograms should follow and who does all the job-creating store-specific planograms.

SmartPlan improves the process of creating planograms 10-20 times. As a rule, an investment in SmartPlan returns in less than a year only due to reduce the need in the workforce. And uplift in sales from 1% to 10% depending on the category is the valuable and pleasant bonus of using SmartPlan.

SmartPlan achieves such remarkable results because of its unique "dynamic rows" technology and the biggest rules/parameters combination "out of the box". SmartPlan also allows for creating any unique client-defined rule. With more than 17 000 stores that use planograms created from SmartPlan already, SmartPlan has all the necessary tools to make a life of retailers better.

Brief history and current state

SmartPlan has being developed for 5 years. The first customer started to use SmartPlan 4 years ago in 2016. There are 4 customers of FMCG segment who are using SmartPlan now:

Customer #

Customer description

Number of stores

Average assortment per store


The hypermarket chain, grocery, and non-food categories

More than 100



The supermarket chain, grocery

More than 400



The discounter chain, grocery

More than 15,500



The drugstore chain

More than 1,200