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More Trusted, Verified Reviews

Shopper Approved collects up to 40X more verified merchant and product reviews, and syndicates them to the top review sites - giving you the most review visibility and credibility possible.

Statistically, 97% of shoppers say reviews influence their buying decisions, and 82% of consumers read product reviews before purchasing an item online, which is why ratings and reviews are vital to building trust online.

In fact, ratings and reviews are so important that they impact every aspect of the sales funnel - from initial search queries, to product research, to your actual website and product pages, and eventually to your checkout page.

The Shopper Approved Advantage:

  • Up to 20% increase in click-through rate from paid ads
  • Up to 50% increase in conversions
  • One of the few Google Partner review platforms
  • The only review company that collects Merchant, Product and Video Reviews all in the same survey
  • One of the largest, most trusted online rating and review platforms in the world
  • Our strategic partnership with Google allows our clients to show their reviews in high-traffic areas like:
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Product Listing Ads or PLA's
    • Google Organic Search
    • Google Seller Ratings
    • Google Shopping
  • Our proprietary Survey Destinations™ tool lets you display you reviews everywhere else.

Shopper Approved is one of the most effective ways to establish trust and credibility and can be used in a variety of strategic locations in both the search engines and on your website.