Reputation Studio

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Reputation Studio empowers brands to spend more time connecting with and understanding customers, and less time manually sorting through endless online reviews. Manual processes and siloed review data across various review channels have made it difficult for brands to keep up with the heavy review volume -- and it is only getting worse. In fact, review volume has tripled in the past few years, which is why finding technology to help manage their massive inflow of customer reviews has become a top priority for both eCommerce brands and retailers.

Our fully-automated Online Reputation Management platform consolidates customer reviews and Q&A content into one dashboard, routes to relevant teams, and posts brand responses in real-time. Our newest product, Reputation Insights, applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide actionable AI-driven sentiment and intent analysis which yields deeper insights and uncovers incredible opportunities for companies to provide better customer experiences and improve products. The Reputation Insights NLP (Sentiment & Intent) models are trained by utilizing over 150 million Amazon reviews and constantly improving based on consumer review data. Come discover why the world's leading eCommerce brands have chosen Reputation Studio to transform the way they acquire, engage, and retain today's consumers globally. Reputation Studio is fully native to and integrates with both Einstein and Service Cloud.