Purple Dot

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Purple Dot powers a new shopping experience called non-instant shopping. Non-instant shopping is a proven technique that outperforms traditional promotions and markdowns, resulting in less unsold inventory and protects brand erosion from traditional discounting.

The Purple Dot engine adds a second price point – a non-instant price – to a smart selection of inventory, alongside the existing full-price. With the non-instant price, shoppers pre-pay at a discount but also wait and see if they get it; if they don't get it, they are refunded.

Through always converting shoppers at two different prices -- an instant, buy-it-now full-price, and a non-instant, wait-and-see discounted price – retailers maximize conversion while maintaining full control over the discounted non-instant waitlist, deciding when and how much to sell at a discount.

Purple Dot is founded by serial entrepreneurs Madeline Parra and John Talbott, and sold their first start-up Twizoo to Skyscanner in 2017. They have over 6 years of experience working with some of the world's biggest brands, powering millions of impressions a day with their unique Javascript technology.