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Preciate provides the technologies required to merge on-line and in-store shopping into a seamless and personalized experience.

Our technology enables brands and retailers to implement next-generation loyalty programs based upon personalization analytics and the most advanced system for facial recognition.

We're obsessed with providing the best, unique experiences to your customers, using the highest levels of privacy and security.

Once a customer signs up, real-time data from previous in-store, online, or abandoned purchases supports the sales associates to create a warm, knowledgeable shopping experience so that customers feel 'Preciated'.

Our solution provides:

  • Opt-in enrollment using a simple selfie.
  • 360º degree predictive analytics of the customers on-line and in-store activity.
  • Advanced clienteling application for in-store sales associates.
  • Faster and safer checkout with card-less and phone-free payment.
  • Non-intrusive, effortless and scalable installation.

Preciate has a proprietary open platform that provides unique insights and opportunities to drive Omni-channel revenue, while providing exclusive in-store experiences.

Integrating seamlessly with existing e-commerce, CRM, digital signage, mobile apps, and payment systems.

It's the ultimate VIP program that enables brands to become truly intimate with their customers.

The future is here, join us