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PowerReviews is a fully-automated and scalable customer experience, amplification and insight solution. We work with leading brands to collect and syndicate reviews, images and feedback driving traffic, sales and actionable insights."


Customers first.

Founded on the premise of consumers helping each other, we built a company elevating consumer opinions. More than a decade later, we're even bigger consumer champions and helping brands leverage their feedback for everyone to win.


Driving Connected Commerce

From emerging brands to the world's largest companies, we empower clients to make smarter decisions, drive more sales and grow deeper relationships with their customers. Our Power Solutions and Open Network connect billions of shoppers to millions of consumer reviews; advocates and influencers driving connected commerce online, in store and everywhere in between.


A Connected Platform

Our connected platform brings together billions of shoppers with millions of customer advocates and influencers so brands can leverage the value of authentic content and consumer feedback. Clients to collect, amplify and analyze user-generated content and feedback to improve customer experiences and make smarter choices that accelerate sales online, in store and everywhere in between.


The PowerReviews Open Network

Our open syndication network reaches millions of shoppers and includes the world's largest retailers, brands and everyday influencers. With the ability to share content to Amazon, Facebook and Google, it drives connected commerce like never before.