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Pinto is a smarter food data platform dedicated to making the world of products and recipes more personalized, searchable and discoverable for consumers.

Today's consumers are more nuanced in how they search and select their products and are more health and values-driven than ever before. To satisfy this new consumer mindset, Pinto works with industry leaders 1) to rapidly bring their complete product inventories online and 2) to accurately tag these inventories across the long tail of modern consumer needs and preferences — from allergens and intolerances to the long tail of diets (like Paleo, Gluten-Free, Keto, etc.), health conditions, certifications, nutrition preferences, sustainability concerns and more.

Businesses leverage Pinto's next-generation data to power deeper product content, smarter search, personalization, and other data-driven technologies across their enterprise. No matter the size of an inventory or what categories it includes, Pinto's Data Platform ensures that every product is brought online with consistent high-quality data and organized across every dimension that matters to a modern customer.