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Personify XP

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Personify XP is pioneering how to convert anonymous shoppersusing machine learning and AI. Personify XP uses unstructured visitor data, toautomate 40+ customer experiences in real-time. Ranked by Gartner as 'CoolVendor' in May 2019, as the first to market in solving the 'cold start' problemin personalisation where 97% of website visitors are anonymous. Personify XPdelivers millions of real-time behavioural interactions daily for the likes ofLovehoney, Hawes & Curtis, Figleaves and Vitabiotics delivering up to a 30%increase in revenue. 

Personify XP is a machine learning and AI platform that recognises shoppingbehaviours in visitor data. Using these behaviours the platform automaticallyidentifies an individuals shopping mission in real time and uses theirbehaviour to automate personalised digital experiences across a customer'sdigital experience with a brand on site, in app, in-store and other emergingchannels such as voice. Personify XP have developed a true AI approach topersonalisation delivering 'constant learning', out-of-the-box GDPR compliancyand automation saving marketers and merchandisers time in creating rich andengaging real-time customer experiences.