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Perfitly is an AR/VR fit visualization & size recommendation platform developed primarily for online apparel e-commerce, which also provides many key in-store and omnichannel applications.

The platform was developed to mimic the in-store try-on experience, where a consumer can try on whatever size and color they want. This leads to the most confident purchase decisions as well as higher conversion and fewer returns. Perfitly, therefore, has recreated that experience in every detail in the virtual space. Our AR/VR Solution has helped:

  • Online shoppers make more confident purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to size, fit and personal style of a garment. The conversion rates at our longest-term retailer online deployments, have, on average, increased to 7.2%, up from 4%. Consumers have started engaging for average 6 minutes, up from 2.
  • Brands and retailers reduce return rates, associated costs, and better manage inventory, purchasing and design decisions, among others. During 2019, return rates at these deployments have reduced to 10% down from 28%, on average.