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Pathr's proprietary "behavior engine" delivers valuable spatial analytics and customer behavior knowledge, derived from predictive location-based algorithms and advanced data analysis. The technology helps businesses and organizations promote deeper, more meaningful interactions with key constituents—by mapping and evaluating their physical movement through any number of locations or venues. Because it operates in real time, Pathr has the ability to directly impact business outcomes as they occur, during the moments that matter most—for example, to influence an in-store customer sale.

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pathr turns previously unusable "raw" location data into actionable insights to help businesses grow revenue and increase customer engagement. Because Pathr is agnostic to the source of location data it uses, it is able to ingest information from different types of sensing equipment, making it a true open platform. Pathr utilizes all existing hardware—cameras, beacons, RFID and other tools—ensuring that users do not need to modify their infrastructure to take advantage of the platform. Pathr software also connects that data to specific business use cases, which is unique within the industry.

Pathr's software enables users to:

  • Determine optimal timing for employee-customer interactions
  • Create more targeted, higher quality "on-the-floor" exchanges
  • Increase top and bottom-line profits
  • Streamline operational efficiencies
  • Improve loss prevention/mitigate theft
  • Tap anonymous, private data intelligence
  • Support sales, marketing, communications and human resources channels