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As a retail marketer, chances are you are not getting full credit for your marketing efforts. If you are not able to prove how your digital campaigns are driving sales in-store, or if your current marketing attribution approach fails to measure how traditional media (like TV, Radio, Print) help generate revenue across online and physical stores, you're not getting the full credit you deserve. At OptiMine, our agile marketing attribution and budget planning & optimization platform helps retail executives from many of the largest and most successful brands measure their cross-channel marketing and achieve significant ROI improvement.

At OptiMine, we provide a unique attribution solution for retailers:

Measures all digital and traditional marketing channels' impacts on both online & in-store sales

Fastest ROI- easiest and quickest implementation and speed to ROI- in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions

Low Risk- uses no PII or consumer data, and complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act (and other emerging consumer privacy regulations)

Actionable- detailed, actionable measurement at campaign and ad levels

Interested in learning more? Visit us at optimine.com or watch our "How it Works" video: optimine.com/optimine-how-it-works