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Our number one goal at Omnitail is to offer greater accountability and performance for our clients. The digital marketing industry suffers from a lack of transparency and integrity among agencies and vendors. We aim to change this trend by teaching our clients to measure success through profit, rather than just revenue or efficiency. We incorporate measures of COGS, VOH (variable overhead) and merchandise return rate (MRR) in our bid optimization. In many cases, we also integrate customer lifetime value (CLTV) and other business assumptions, such as offline sales, into our process. We pride ourselves on working with each client to find the approach that works best for their specific business needs.

Omnitail is also the only agency with a scalable, automated approach to targeting search queries within PLA channels. Our approach enables our clients to maximize investment to long-tail, product-specific queries which tend to yield the strongest ROI, while minimizing spend to less effective, upper-funnel terms. This industry-leading approach to Google Shopping drives remarkable increases in profitability for our clients.