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Observa's AI platform offers physical retailers analytics similar to the online channel using photos taken by people and machines.

We use AI to analyze input from sales numbers, distribution information, and human intuition to find areas of interest. Through our platform, both brand employees/reps and everyday shoppers are directed to collect more data. We validate and analyze the incoming data using both humans and AI to ensure it is reliable and clean. Then, it's combined with our historical data, as well as any other data we can get, such as store level sales or web analytics. Finally, we produce actionable insights and reporting for our customers to use in directing their sales and marketing efforts.

Observa is the only shelf-level marketing audit platform with demonstrable artificial intelligence image recognition. There are small startups and large established players that vaguely reference such capabilities or hide it behind a major contract, but ours can be tested for free in real-time right now. Seriously, go to our website observanow.com, create an account and then head to the grocery store with your phone and see the immediate shelf insights.

We collect data using our crowd of 100,000 vetted observers around the country or with our customer's own employees and field reps. Using the adage "Garbage in, garbage out" as guidance, our data is validated by both machines and humans to ensure that the insights are reliable.

Observa was founded by Hugh Holman and Erik Chelstad when they realized their shared love of business management, statistics, and marketing. Hugh had spent the lion's share of his career directing IT and strategy for retail and banking, including selling millions of pounds of fresh and frozen seafood. Erik has been leading the technology efforts of companies from startups to IPOs, improving airline safety, and even building systems to gather information from ski and mountain guides in the field.