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With presence in 100+ countries, Nielsen's mission is to provide clients with the most complete understanding of what consumers watch and buy. The consumer's world is changing at an unprecedented speed where media and commerce are colliding. We are focused on innovating to stay ahead of evolving market trends, allowing us to provide our clients with usable, practical and meaningful tools that help them make strategic business decisions every day. Nielsen is uniquely positioned to drive performance management solutions for our clients around the globe.

We align our business into two principal reporting segments, What Consumers Watch and What Consumers Buy. Nielsen's Connect segment provides consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers with the most comprehensive view of the consumer through information and insights. We are the global leader in retail measurement services, helping our clients understand current performance and provide advanced analytical capabilities and solutions that aid in managing and improving future performance. Clients look to Nielsen to help navigate through the key trends and marketplace dynamics impacting their business. Our measurement and analytics are embedded in the operating disciplines of our clients, helping them to make smarter, quicker business decisions that drive results.

Nielsen's Media segment provides media and advertising clients audience measurement services across all devices — television, radio, online, mobile — where content is consumed. We are the global leader in both television and digital measurement, helping our clients understand the reach of their content and advertising campaigns, as well as providing effectiveness metrics that help optimize and validate their overall spending, and maximize the value of their content. We continue to evolve our offerings with the changing digital media landscape in areas like social media, as well as tablet and mobile measurement. Our multiplatform measurement strategy brings together the best of TV and digital measurement to ensure a more functional marketplace for the industry.

We have a unique perspective on how consumers engage with programming and advertising across all media channels (mobile, online, TV, radio) and content types (video, audio, text), and how it translates into what they purchase. This has allowed us to create Marketing Effectiveness, which directly addresses "the three Rs" — Reach, Resonance, and Reaction. We help our clients "Reach" the most desirable consumers; gauge the "Resonance" of their messages; and quantify consumer "Reaction" in terms of sales impact. We are uniquely positioned to link a wide range of marketing and media exposure directly to consumer buying behavior. We continue to invest in capabilities aimed at helping our clients improve the return on their marketing investments. This enables them to optimize their marketing spend across channels and maximize the impact of their creative work. Each year, we are able to deliver our insights with greater speed and precision, enabling our clients to improve their marketing programs and realize greater value.