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Movista transforms how work gets done in retail. Founded by industry veterans who experienced the challenges of managing distributed workforces, Movista created the most robust, mobile-forward retail execution platform.

Our customers have unprecedented visibility and accountability which ensures ALL locations are merchandised on-time and correctly…every time. This results in a superior experience for the customer and dramatic increases to the bottom line.

Movista serves all stakeholders in the retail ecosystem including brands, retailers, and service providers. Our platform enables our clients to:

  • Increase task completion to 99.5% with mobile tasking
  • Lift compliance scores by 17% after GPS and timestamp validation
  • Increase store visits by 33% from real-time reporting

The Movista platform integrates or replaces disparate systems into a single user-friendly, mobile interface. Behind the simple end-user experience is a robust workforce management platform that encompasses scheduling, tasking, project management, file sharing, training, ordering, returns, routing, expenses, mileage and much more.