Mall IQ

Level 1 Sponsor

Mall IQ is a Location Intelligence Platform, bridging offline & online for retailers, loyalty apps, payment/banking and e-commerce companies; providing businesses actionable insights through powerful AI & analytics and location-based engagement platform to connect with their customers in real time.

We enhance app engagement and enable retailers, loyalty apps, payment/banking and e-commerce companies to discover their customers' offline journey with Mall IQ SDK and Analytics.

We measure purchasing intent of customers in shopping malls and high streets in real-time and make it actionable & insightful with our no hardware indoor location technology by seamlessly integrating our SDK into apps.

We empower physical retailers & their partners who typically don't have offline customers'​ journey data, to understand their customers needs and engage them effectively with timely & relevant messages to increase foot-traffic and sales, even when they're visiting competitor brands'​ stores. We make it possible to measure the ROI of online to offline (digital-to-physical) campaigns with our no-hardware location intelligence technology.