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Mabaya's Sponsored Product Ads platform is a white label solution for marketplaces and online retailers who want to run their own ecommerce media and enable their sellers and brand partners to promote their products within the store. The company has vast experience in the ecommerce media space, serving billions of Sponsored Product Ads for major ecommerce sites and investing more than 5 years in developing and updating the platform.

Being a technology partner Mabaya customizes the solution to fit the stores special needs and requests.

The platform offers a friendly and intuitive self-service console, tools and methods for managing and engaging the sellers and brand partners - From advanced campaign management tools for brands and agencies to easy one click campaigns for small merchants.

As the shopper experience is very important, when serving a Sponsored Product Ad we make sure that it is relevant and helpful to your shopper, using relevance algorithms, clustering, predicted CTRs, real time bidding and other factors.

The platform is not a black box. It is transparent and clear and we share all the information and data with the store - Attribution real time reports, placement reports, search term reports etc.