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LS Direct Marketing

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From predictive analytics to the customer mailbox, LS Direct Marketing is the trusted one-stop partner for today's savvy omnichannel brands to deliver data-driven, highly personalized direct marketing messages at just the right time. We help our clients with actionable print solutions to drive customer conversion and to achieve measurable ROI – at every stage of the buying journey.

From concept to conversion

As a one-stop solution partner, we have an in-house team of designers, data scientists and account managers. We have our own presses and mail facilities as well, enabling marketing professionals like you to spend less time managing vendors and more time celebrating your campaigns' success.

Data security is everyone's business

We understand your customers' trust you to keep their information secure. We protect that trust by completing all work in a secure, protected data environment. Combined with 2nd and 3rd party permission-based data, your data will only be used for your campaigns.

Messaging as unique as each customer

In people-based marketing, the customer is in charge. Data is the driver of decisions. Personalization drives conversion. At LS Direct Marketing, we harness the power of your data to craft highly targeted and fully personalized marketing messages.

Our suite of direct mail products drives people to purchase – no matter where they are in their buying journey.

Prospecting through Life Stage Marketing
Grow your customer base by targeting the best prospects when they are in-market. We score the best prospects for your business and mail them at exactly the right time whether they are pre-movers, new movers, newly engaged, newly married or expecting parents. Our ever-popular NewMovers direct program consistently offers the best lead generation ROI for our home furnishings clients with 200,000 ‒ 400,000 prospects available weekly.

Retargeting through Boomerang direct™
For true omnichannel marketing, engage and drive conversion of your website browsers and cart abandons with highly personalized direct mail. Boomerang direct, the premier postal retargeting solution™, drives web visitors back to your site or to your brick and mortar location – even if they've never logged in.

Retention through Automated CRM triggers
Creating a relationship with your most important asset, your existing customer base, ensures a higher sales ROI and marketing dollars well spent. Working with your POS data daily, automate communications to keep your customers engaged, interested and returning.

Reactivation through Automated CRM triggers
Reactivate your dormant customer portfolio with highly personalized direct mail marketing. LS Direct will partner with you to reengage customers automated communications so you can reduce customer churn and regain sales revenue.

Measure and understand marketing effectiveness

At LS Direct Marketing, we recommend you invest your marketing budget only where results are measurable, and a clear ROI and long-term customer relationship can be established. That is why we use holdouts on every mailing (typically at least 10%.) We report on total conversions and incremental conversion rates to provide a true perspective on your ROI.

With our data analysis and proprietary reporting methodology, you can generate easy-to-understand analyses that are relevant to all stakeholders in your organization. Learn which marketing channels and campaigns are working best during the customer journey with SmartDash™, our data visualization tool. And, when integrated with your POS data, traffic counter and finance company, you can discover deeper insights more quickly with powerful statistical tools to help you plan a better budget.