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Krome Photos technology and science are reinventing how product images are created, optimized and merchandised to sell. Krome's technology is optimizing for both individual sellers and corporations by creating images that sell individually or in bulk with little or no customer direction. The Krome AI is making the recommendations for what image will sell, and Krome's team is delivering the perfect image for $25 or less in minutes or hours. Krome has opened the door for the next wave in online merchandising that will drastically improve results in eCommerce.

Krome is solving the online visual merchandising problem faced by the majority of online sellers that don't have an agency or resources to determine what is the right image to create and increase sales. Simple white background listings, poor quality, and limited lifestyle images all create a monotonous, undifferentiated shopping experience. Current images provide no emotional connection, don't set the scene and don't help sell. Sellers are starving for images that offer a point of differentiation, add an emotional response, and sell more.

Krome has built all key features and functionality, has over 1M app downloads, runs apps for business, advertising and families across all platforms (Web, iOS and Android), and has designed over 1 Million images. Krome APIs are integrated into top eCommerce and Advertising marketplaces, where Krome is processing 1,000's of images at once with little customer/partner interaction. Krome is also a top-rated image solution provider in the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN). Krome sellers are saying: 'here is our inventory, make it happen', Krome partners expect scalable, perfect images that sell, and Krome is delivering.