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Who we are is a Toronto-based, high-growth SaaS start-up that is building the world's first and largest consumer intelligence network to help B2C businesses bring third-party intelligence into their organizations in a way that doesn't compromise consumer privacy and security.

We were founded in January 2017 by former Facebook executive, Steve Irvine, raised $50M U.S. in capital (series A), and are 90 employees strong (and growing rapidly). We've been recognized as a "top 25 startup" by LinkedIn (2019), a top SaaS company in the East Coast by SaaStock, and on the 2019 Narwhal list, which highlights the fastest scaling private tech companies.

What we do

We help retail businesses deliver trustworthy experiences to their shoppers through a privacy-first, AI-native software platform.

We transact in "signals", not data, to help businesses better know and treat their customers. Our Trusted Signals Platform crowdsources signals from across our customer network and applies them to our customers' use cases so that they have a better understanding of what their customers need to convert.

We don't:

  • Use old-world segmentation and demographic profiling
  • Collect or use PII
  • Mix data from different sources to recompile individual identities

The result is a consumer that feels valued and understood while keeping them safe and respecting their identity.

Why we do it

Our mission is to build a better future for people and organizations, where organizations can thrive by anticipating and meeting the needs of people, while keeping them safe.

Three internal and external forces are driving why we exist as an organization:

  • Consumers have increasing expectations (the kind of expectations that you can only deliver on at scale using human ingenuity, technology, and data) but decreasing trust
  • Businesses have to hit your ever-increasing business targets
  • And the privacy, security and regulatory environment is getting stricter and more ambiguous

Trust is not a by-product of what we do; it is our goal and motivation. It drives long-term, valuable relationships for consumers, which in turn positively impacts the business' bottomline.