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Indi Engage

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Indi Engage is a SaaS video platform that helps brands engage their customers directly in their digital properties rather than in social media, as social media platforms are seizing control of customer engagement and data. A brand's customers are incentivized to create:

  1. video reviews to be displayed on the brand's website and apps;
  2. commissionable shoppable video reviews to be posted by the customer in their own social media to drive online sales for the brand and commissions or store credits for themselves; and
  3. video submissions for contests to drive the brand's awareness across their social media.

With Indi Engage, the engagement is initiated directly on the brand's website or in their app (as compared to in social media). This offers brands the opportunity to own all the content, receive email addresses, remarketing rights and robust social media and sales data associated with all content submissions. Amazon launched similar offerings to (i) and (ii) above for Amazon and Indi is positioned to provide it to all other retailers.