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Heyday helps e-commerce companies and merchants scale their business by automating marketing, sales and support conversations. Unlike traditional help desks or live chats, Heyday leverages Conversational AI to help retailers elevate the entire customer experience and enable personalization at scale. The end goal: treat every customer like a VIP.

Today, Heyday is working with F500 and mid-market companies across the globe, in 7 countries across 4 languages. We are the world's only hybrid chat & messaging platform built for e-commerce from the ground up. Heyday brings the best of both worlds together, that is the upfront automation and AI-powered chat capabilities, along with the ability to pass to a live agent or other human on the backend, all supported by a mobile first UX and dashboard.

Heyday's vision is for every Brand to give its employees AI-superpowers. And as email ultimately finds the same fate as the telephone call, where customers increasingly choose to interact via messaging (ie: WhatsApp or FB Messenger or Google Business Messaging), Heyday is there as the leading global, agnostic and unified platform that Brands will use to engage in conversations with their customers across channels.

Brands have to move fast, and do more with less. Heyday's clients automate the 60-80% of repetitive questions (ie: order tracking, FAQ's, etc) that are low value but high urgency, while keeping the human agent (ie: Sales or Customer Service) for the more complex or value added conversations and conversions. This automation and deeper understanding gives Heyday the opportunity to be 'Sales First', and support revenue and conversion KPIs for our e-commerce customers and partners.

Find us at Shoptalk, or reach out to Brad Wing, our VP of Partnerships directly for a "chat about chat": brad@heyday.ai