Foko Retail

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Keeping store teams focused on getting it done: mobile-first task management and communication software

Retail visionaries can see the future of their brand as it should be. But the real challenge is delivering that brand promise in stores, from operations to visual merchandising and marketing.

That's what we do at Foko Retail—we help you execute your vision in-store by keeping frontline teams focused on your priorities.

Whether you're a director, district manager, field team, or associate, Foko Retail is your team's go-to spot for everything they need to know and get done. When you log in to Foko Retail, you can see a dashboard of your day's priorities and communications, from urgent announcements to daily tasks and checklists. It's an intuitive mobile-first platform that connects your team in real time and can be accessed from anywhere, whether on a desktop at HQ, tablet, or device in-store.

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Foko Retail revolves around our three guiding principles:

  1. Helping your team get it done

    Get your team focused on executing your priorities by communicating effectively and completing daily tasks accurately and on time.

  2. Being engaging and easy to use

    Increase frontline team engagement and brand immersion with an all-in-one mobile-first app that's available on iOS, Android, and Web.

  3. Giving you insight

    We give you detailed insights into store performance, so you can see what's exactly working and what's not.