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Founded in 2017. We launched a cloud-based warehouse management software that transforms legacy warehouses into modern e-commerce fulfillment centers. Developed an Open API and native integrations with top shopping carts such as Shopify, Walmart & Amazon, empowering businesses to launch a vast nationwide fulfillment network in days--not months or years--with no upfront capital investment.

As traditional retail moves online (eg, furniture, bedding, tools), more businesses require ecommerce fulfillment centers. At the same time, increased delivery expectations require businesses to store and ship their products from multiple locations. In fact, to offer 2-day delivery, a business needs 3 fulfillment centers; for 1-day delivery, a business needs over 11 fulfillment centers to reach about 90% of the US population. Building this network by leasing space is impossible for most businesses due to the capital required. The only way to efficiently build a fulfillment network of this scale is to leverage existing warehousing and fulfillment capacity on a single platform. This is what Flowspace makes possible.