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Now that 2020 is here, have you been wondering how to accomplish all your strategic objectives (grow revenue, reduce customer acquisition cost, and improve your brand awareness)? The new iOS app, FIT FOR BUCKS, that everyone is talking about, was designed with you in mind. The technology we employ will literally increase traffic to your business via a simple, yet ingenious, system of rewarding our health-conscious app users for their everyday fitness (i.e. upon walking 50,000 steps the customer is rewarded with a 20% OFF reward). Then users will be navigated to your site or your location to redeem the rewards.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Connect to fitness-minded app users and bring them to your stores;
  • Get your products to be discovered on the mobile devices around the country;
  • Increase revenue, while reducing customer acquisition and retention costs;
  • Be recognized as a health-promoting brand in your community;
  • Obtain new data and analytics about your customers.

CLICK HERE to download the FIT FOR BUCKS app and learn how we can help you to improve the health of your business and your community. Any questions, please reach out at