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Fillogic is the Logistics-as-a-Service Platform for Retail that connects bricks to clicks by converting underutilized space at retail properties into tech-enabled, micro fulfillment hubs.

For retailers, the platform provides demand-driven logistics services that require zero-integration, resulting in cost-savings, reduced fulfillment times, increased efficiencies of store labor, and optimal inventory management.

For parcel carriers, Fillogic offers efficient, consolidated pick-up and drop-off points that can save them up to 65% of their time and cost.

For commercial REITs, Fillogic provides a scalable, turnkey logistics service that maximizes the asset utilization of their portfolio, while increasing the value they have to offer their retail partners.

The company has already partnered with three of the largest national mall owners, representing over 300 malls, and will have four Fillogic Hubs operational by June 2020.