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FieldStack is the only integrated lean retail management software. A powerful solution that optimizes mid-size and large retail chains, FieldStack brings the Lean practices and advanced computing used by leading global brands within reach for your stores. By combining inventory, point of sale, loyalty, and e-commerce with enhanced analytics and automation, FieldStack will help you increase sales and streamline operations.

Fieldstack's Lean Retail Engine™ Integrates these capabilities:

  • INVENTORY AUTOMATION: FieldStack Supply™ puts the right products at the right place and the right time, as efficiently as possible.
  • ANALYTICS & INTELLIGENCE: FieldStack Intelligence™ is the data collection, interpretation, and response system that is the hub of our solution.
  • POINT OF SALE & BACK OFFICE: FieldStack Store™ means POS and back-office tools to empower your retail team with knowledge and service agility.
  • E-COMMERCE & OMNICHANNEL: FieldStack Omni™ is true omnichannel that drives your web store, 3rd-party channels, in-store fulfillment, and more.
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY & CRM: FieldStack Fans™ offers loyalty, gift card, and CRM management to build customer relationships and purchases.

Get Lean with us to thrive in the changing retail landscape!

About Our Company

FieldStack is a group of retail and technology ninjas in Portland, Maine. Our Lean Retail Engine was born of retail — battle-tested in one growing chain until other retailers asked for our secret.

Our retail software company blends a global vision with a Yankee pragmatism, and we aspire to live in the footsteps of the hardy folks who were in Maine before us. That's how the name FieldStack came to be.

A traditional field stack is a method of stacking firewood in an open field to make it as dry as possible for the coming winter. It's about thinking ahead, working ahead, and making sure you have the best materials for any challenge.

Of course, our software stack is also the foundation for a lean, intelligent enterprise in your field: the stores, websites, and other channels where your sales happen.