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As the first marketing platform built exclusively for brick-and-mortar retail, Endear empowers store associates to keep in touch with local shoppers over email and text in order to increase foot traffic. With Endear, associates can dedicate downtime on the floor to proactively marketing their locations, including sharing details about events, product drops, and store services. Customers can respond to these messages just like they'd respond to a friend or colleague (no separate apps or downloads) in order to learn more, creating the opportunity for true 1:1 conversation. Messages sent through Endear not only have a 54% response rate, but also have a 5% conversion rate, making the app 100x more effective than standard email marketing. The app also informs you of how your retail team impacts sales across all channels (in-store and online) by associating their messages with customer purchases. Endear is hardware-agnostic and offers both out-of-the-box integrations and custom development options.