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E-Motive provides solutions to manage marketplaces, efficiently own your data, outperform reshaping consumer trends by driving data quality.

The conversation for the last decade has revolved around whether online shopping will completely replace in-store shopping. Brands and retailers have been on a journey to get ahead of consumer trends and expand from traditional selling strategies to take advantage of online strategies. There are many questions and challenges to consider, these include:

  • What is the right strategy?
  • What is the right technology?
  • What are the right Marketplaces?
  • Build an Inhouse team, outsource or a combination?
  • Who is the right partner?
  • How to ensure the best data then maintaining, managing and optimizing for each Marketplace?

Data is key. Managing and owning data is imperative.

E-Motive is focused on marketplaces and established based on the rich experience we have in the industry. For nearly 2 decades, E-Motive has helped brands and retailers to achieve this on Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon to name a few. We help you to prepare now for the shop of the future.

We provide a full end to end service from ensuring you have the best optimized data to full fulfillment services. These services include protection of brand on the marketplace, listing services maximizing both keywords and visibility, Competitor analysis, 1st Line customer service support and technical support and language translation services.

We have relationships within all marketplaces at the decision-maker level to ensure that your brand has the best possible opportunity for success. We also help companies to take back control of their brand online.

We are totally customer-focused and can manage the whole customer process from selection, to purchase and then supporting the product with either technical advice or by just managing the post-purchase experience. We know how to manage customer reputation systems on different marketplaces which totally reflect on the brand which we represent.

E-Motive view is that Brand coverage is not just restricted by Geographical boundaries and E-Motive can provide representation on different country sites with full language customer service support.

To find out more how E-Motive can support you, outperform reshaping consumer trends by driving data quality visit our website.