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Dresslife is like Stitch Fix for fashion retailers, without the need for human stylists. Our personal styling AI helps shoppers find clothing faster that they love and that fits, leading to higher conversions and less returns. Dresslife sorts products based on a recommendation score, reflecting the probability of a customer liking and keeping an item.

Personalization is 6x more effective in all segments than apparel, due to shorter product lifecycles and the complexity of the human body. Global marketplaces already reach a revenue uplift of 35% with personalization. Dresslife allows fashion retailers to establish a competitive user experience and avoid losing market shares to the large platforms.

Dresslife is the only fashion specific recommendation engine that achieves similar results:

  1. 1-to-1 personalization: With Dresslife, each customer sees a unique feed personalized to them instead of generic clustering.
  2. 4 AIs generate accurate recommendations: product AI, style AI, fit AI and recommendation AI. They combine style and fit - as no one buys a shirt they like but that doesn't fit or vice versa.
  3. Perfect fit: Dresslife provides recommendations for almost every customer based on past purchases instead of just the 2-5%, who fill out the size guide.

Next to improving profitability and the customer experience, Dresslife delivers superior data analytics in product development, demand planning and customer targeting.