Course5 Intelligence

Level 1 Sponsor

Course5 Intelligence drives digital transformation for businesses leveraging Applied AI. The company helps organizations make the most effective strategic and tactical decisions related to their customers, markets, and competition at the rapid pace that the digital business world demands.

Retailers: Course5 is enabling some of the largest R(e)tailers to stay ahead of the curve, compete effectively, and gain considerable market share by deploying Applied AI solutions and through its industry-recognized products.

Brands: Course5 is working with leading brands to create a winning and category leadership role by deploying Applied AI solutions or/and through its products. With its strong domain on Digital and DTC combined with Applied AI capabilities, Brands are enabled with forward-looking DTC and industry-leading practices.

Clients who trust us: Amazon, Lululemon, Vans, North Face, Timberland, East Pack, Unilever, P&G, Colgate, PepsiCo, Mars Wrigley, Tupperware, Sazerac, 3M Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, OnePlus, and many others.