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How can you be data-driven if you are missing 90% of your user behavior data?

There is an untapped goldmine of opportunity available in the website user behavior data you are not yet collecting. Convizit delivers this data to you on a silver platter.

Convizit provides you with a continuous stream of user behavior data that includes every user action on your website. Further, Convizit uses advanced AI to automatically name, context-enrich and structure the data, so that it is ready for immediate analysis by data scientists.

Convizit deploys within minutes and begins delivering a uniquely complete, context-enriched and structured data stream within days – with no need for you to ever select, code, name or tag events to track – no matter how often your website changes.

With Convizit's data at your disposal, there is truly no limit to the breadth and depth of the new business insights that data scientists and analysts will be able to generate from your website activity data. Imagine being able to detect correlations, anomalies, friction points, funnel drop-off causes and more – across any number of content-specific dimensions! No other user activity data set in the world comes close to offering this potential goldmine of opportunity.

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