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In today's omni-channel world, customers demand more from in-store experiences. The success or failure of your retail stores hinges on the strength of your in-store teams, yet staffing budgets are increasingly limited, placing store operators are in an almost impossible position.

The only solution: do more with the people you have.

Blueday's groundbreaking Store Performance Solution utilizes AI to help retailers maximize their return on store labor. Store managers and shift leads will proactively understand their daily risks and how to utilize the scheduled staff to overcome them. Store associates will understand their roles, how to achieve their goals, and what actions will improve store performance. District managers are now able to zero in on the stores that need their attention. Corporate leaders will gain insights to allocate resources effectively across the chain and maximize sales.

With Blueday, your entire stores organization is in alignment, with the tools they need to win, every day, across every store.