Arm Treasure Data

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Every touchpoint matters, but most customer data is locked away, fragmented and rendered useless in a myriad of systems. Arm Treasure Data helps to translate millions of touchpoints and illuminate individual buyers journeys, so large enterprises can take command of their data and create remarkable customer experiences.

Arm Treasure Data cuts through the most complex data conditions. It enables global teams with disperate regional processes to take thoughtful, immediate action in the face of proliferating channels and privacy regulations. The most relevant data is collected from anywhere–first-party systems, second- and third-party partners and even offline events and secured for privacy compliance. Marketers have deep customer data that's historical and persistent, so every buying signal is discovered. Customer views are unified with flexible options to continually update an individual picture of each buyer, account or household as engagement happens– providing unique meaning for every line of business and brand. And, marketing organizations are empowered with streamlined personalization tools to create precise segments at the right time, so teams stay relevant and maximize results.

Arm Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) unifies data from multiple sources - online, offline, IoT and device generated data - and empowers enterprises to disrupt their markets with superior customer experiences. Our customers are creating transformational customer relationships by connecting the data dots with our CDP. Arm Treasure Data is fully owned by Arm Holdings and has a global customer base of over 300 enterprises including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. Our clients manage over 130 trillion records, resulting in more predictable and profitable business results.