Aki Technologies

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For all the time that consumers spend on mobile, it's really hard to capture attention on device. Aki Technologies solves this by helping you deliver mobile ads during the moments consumers are most likely to respond to your message.

Aki's AI-powered moment marketing science examines the full spectrum of data signals, plus Aki's proprietary insights, to uncover patterns in mobile ad receptivity. This data-driven analysis enables you to reach consumers when they are most receptive, reducing friction in the ad experience and driving stronger KPIs, including brand awareness, engagement, store traffic and sales.

Whether your target audience is planning a shopping list at home, taking a break at work, relaxing at the end of the day or out on the town, Aki will help you understand when and how to deliver mobile ads that make more powerful and cost-effective connections.

To learn more about Aki Technologies' moment marketing science, visit www.a.ki.