AGR Dynamics

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AGR Dynamics is a demand and supply chain planning specialist company offering software and consultancy solutions that optimise the flow of goods throughout the supply chain for retail and wholesale companies. Our main expertise is in the field of forecasting, replenishment, planning and inventory optimization.

Our background in retail has given us the performance needed to deal with large organisations, but with our modular pricing AGR still appeal to simpler companies across retail, distribution and manufacturing.

AGR's main aim is to increase the availability of goods that customers love with a minimum amount of capital tied up in inventory. This is achieved through integrated planning processes and technology.

AGR was established in 1997 and has offices in the UK, France, Denmark, Canada and Iceland, and trusted distribution partners through the rest of Europe, US and Asia.

Why invest in AGR software?

Companies today face an ongoing balancing act as they try to carry enough inventory to respond quickly to customer demand and minimise investment in inventory, facilities, and equipment to reduce storage and transportation costs.

Our software allows you to make more consistent planning decisions, more accurate buying decisions and helps ensure you have the right product in the right place at the right time. Here are some of the benefits our clients have seen:

  • 15-25% reduction in funds invested in safety stock
  • 5-20% decrease in write-offs of surplus and obsolete stock
  • 10-25% fewer stock-outs, resulting in improved availability and productivity
  • 10-25% drop in administrative costs for replenishing inventory
  • 33-66% less resource time spent managing inventory
  • 15-20% decrease in inventory levels while maintaining good service levels

Our software eliminates excess costs from supply chains by determining expected future demand and optimising inventory levels to ensure maximum availability with minimum capital tied up in stock.

Retail Dynamics

Retail Dynamics focuses on retail customers and includes: Dynamic Planning, Dynamic Assortment and Dynamic Inventory.

Dynamic Planning

The Dynamic Planning module includes financial planning and location planning including functionality such as:

  • Deparment Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Location Planning
  • Location Grading
  • Department Trading
  • Location Re-grading

Dynamic Assortment

The Dynamic Assortment module includes assortment planning and option planning with in-season management, with functionality such as:

  • Range Width Planning
  • Assortment and Distribution Planning
  • Option Planning
  • Order Generation for Non-Continuity Products
  • Option Re-Forecasting and Open to Buy Management
  • Exit Management

Dynamic Inventory

The Dynamic Inventory module is the standard software set for inventory management and optimisation for continuous products with a focus on automation. This module includes the following features:

  • Statistical Forecasting
  • Safety Stock Calculation
  • Order Management and Scheduling
  • Exception Management
  • New Product Introduction
  • Order Constraining
  • Dashboard and KPI's