Afresh Technologies

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At Afresh, we believe that the future of food is fresh. Brick & mortar retailers must differentiate in Produce, Meat, Seafood, Bakery, Food Service, and other perishable foods to win in a world where online competition is everywhere and every customer counts.

Unfortunately, fresh food is incredibly difficult to handle and most supply chain technology, retail operations technology, and merchandising technology has been built for non-perishables. The resulting waste, stock-outs, excess inventory, and labor inefficiencies all undermine the profitability of fresh categories.

Afresh is the fresh-first technology company that builds software solutions tailored to the nuances of highly perishable categories. Our flagship product, fresh store-level replenishment, is live with large retailers across the country and delivers major value through reductions in waste, increases in in-stock rate, labor efficiencies, and fresher food. Our suite of solutions expands off of store-level replenishment to production optimization, distribution-center replenishment, and more.

Afresh is the fresh-first technology company using human-centered A.I. to address the unique challenges fresh food departments are facing (sold by weight, no barcode, perishable, etc.). We have build an incredible organization with world-class engineers and business staff from Stanford, CMU, MIT, and Berkeley. Our team has built a system-wide architecture that from the bottom up focuses on fresh and applies cutting edge machine learning technology that has been published in leading ML conferences.