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It's no secret that retailers are forced to up their game. In today's highly competitive retail space - it's all about creating a realistic, stellar user experience. As close as possible to being in a store, touching, feeling and experiencing the product.

3D is one of the main drivers that increase conversion, minimizes returns and increases the traffic and the volume of the sale. But with thousands of SKUs in a catalogue - 3Dfying it all is a challenging task…

The most common method for 3D model creation today is manual…(using 3D software) - obviously, this method is expensive, slow and non-scalable.

3Dfy is the first technology that takes existing data, content and images and automatically creates high-quality 3D models - with no need for any additional photography, CAD files, special equipment or skilled professionals. We provide online retailers with an affordable "3D model as a service" solution for their website/app with unlimited capacity to create stunning, life-like 3D renderings.