Tanvi Bhardwaj

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Co-founder and CTO of MishiPay

Tanvi Bhardwaj is the co-founder and CTO of MishiPay. Tanvi’s friend, Mustafa Khanwala, had an idea to use smartphone technology to eliminate in-store queuing, and brought in her tech expertise to help make the concept a reality.

MishiPay’s innovative solution enables retailers to offer an industry-leading customer experience using mobile self-checkout. Shoppers can simply scan items with their smartphone, pay with a tap of the app, and leave the store without ever having to wait in a queue. MishiPay’s patent-pending software integrates seamlessly with existing payment and security systems, providing a low-cost, scalable solution for creating a ‘cashierless’ shopping experience for customers.

Since creating the initial prototype in 2015, the company has progressed rapidly, winning numerous awards and accolades. The company became a Cisco Solutions Partner in record time, won support of Mayor of London, and was recently named the startup of the Year by Institu du Commerce Connecte.

Today, MishiPay is being used by retailers across Europe, including Decathlon, Relay, PicWicToys and Compass Group. The company continues develop new, innovative and exciting partnerships with retailers across the world.

Young woman leading the way in STEM professions

In 2014, Tanvi graduated for the University of Manchester with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Her final year project – a gesture-controlled robotic car – was awarded a Distinction, and praised for its innovative approach to technology that could have life-changing possibilities for people with disabilities, enabling them to interact with Internet of Things devices. ​Tanvi was named winner of the prestigious Anita Borg Institute WEQ Award 2016 for Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship, supported by the Government of India - Department of Science and Technology. She was also recipient of the NISAU Youth Award for contributions to the India-UK collaboration in business and growth. In 2019, Tanvi was named on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Tech solutions for fast-growth start-ups

Tanvi has first-hand experience of working with early stage start-ups. She created an iOS platform for an Indian tech company, taking it from concept to breaking through the 3 million active user barrier, through to the company’s acquisition by Freshdesk.

Her crucial role at MishiPay has seen her take a simple but innovative concept, and turn it into a stable, scalable technology platform that integrates securely and seamlessly with some of the world’s leading payment and security systems.