Rathna Sharad

Founder & CEO


Rathna Sharad started her career in 1997 in the transportation and logistics industry gaining experience at a number of important players in the industry including UPS where she led technology and business teams responsible for multi-modal, cross-border route optimization, international supply chain integrations and global trade/tariff solutions with customs organizations around the world.

She was then a founding member of the ad platform team at Microsoft, responsible for marketplace and monetization, and subsequently Director of Product Management at Bing Ads where she was responsible for driving advertiser strategy, working with the largest retailers and brands around the world. 

She co-founded Runway2Street when she found that her own experience as a consumer buying from international sites was horrendous, and felt that her past efforts in cross border did not translate to a great B2C consumer experience which she could see was the future. The marketplace enabled more than 300 brands across 100+ countries, selling to 200, powered by turn-key logistics technology built in house. She then launched FlavorCloud as an enterprise logistics SaaS solution in 2018 when she realized that the “anywhere to anywhere” logistics was a critical need in the industry to power any brand that wants to go global.